A Welcome from the President

We hope you are as passionate about history as we are. History, after all, is the story of everybody’s lives and grows in its telling each passing moment. We are the children of history and all become part of it. History is the search for the truth. What did really happen and why? What consequences arose from it?

Driffield History Society is committed to looking at any aspect of history from any perspective. We are not just a local history group. We are interested not simply in Yorkshire, British or European history but also Japanese, South American and Australian history. We are also interested in history from any discipline, be it art history, church history, economic history, social history or the history of medicine and science, music or even philosophy.

Still, we are based in East Yorkshire and try to find links between our historically rich county and its relationship with other events. We hope you enjoy our wide ranging talks and learn something from our varied guest speakers not just about Driffield and its hinterland but about the wider world beyond as well.

Please join us and we hope, above all, you have fun as well as learn. We have a series of social events and excursions each year that we would love you to join and hopefully make new friends. After all, if history teaches us anything it is one thing:  We are not alone.


John Pougher

President Driffield History Society