Committee Members 2019

Driffield History Society requires 5 Committee Members in order to be active. 

As from June 2019 the Society has only a Secretary.

Marcus Ramshaw – Secretary

Marcus was born in 1971 and educated at Pocklington school from 1980 to 1989. He then went to St Andrews University in Scotland to read church history and theology.  In 1993-4 he studied at York university for a Masters by research specialising in the Scottish invasions of medieval Yorkshire.  He then trained at St John’s college in Durham to become a priest in the church of England.  After a curacy in Hythe, Kent from 1996 to 2000 he moved to Cambridge as Chaplain, Tutor and fellow of Downing College before moving to Queens College, University of Cambridge in 2005 to complete his m. Phil on Victorian Church History and Theology.  After ten years at Cambridge he returned to Yorkshire to care for his parents.  His interests are history in all forms, tabletop wargaming and modelling, travelling, theatre and films.

Treasurer – Vacant as of 25 June 2019. The Society cannot take monies or give receipts until there is a Treasurer. Only the Treasurer or Membership Secretary can deal with money.

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