Joining us:

Membership is via the Treasurer or the Membership Secretary whereupon a receipt must be given as well as a Membership Card. Currently the Society has neither a Treasurer or Membership Secretary, so new Member’s are not being taken.

Membership of the Society is open to anyone who is interested in promoting the Societies aims and willing to abide by the rules of the Society upon payment of a minimum subscription determined at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and payable on 14th March each year.  Any member three months in arrears is deemed to have resigned from the Society.

Currently the membership costs £15 per year and entitles you to discounted admissions to our talks and events, discounted access to specified social events and the knowledge that you are helping us to grow and help protect the heritage of Driffield and the surrounding area.

Admission Fees as of 14 March 2019 (£6 for non-members and £2 for members). There has only been one increase in fees and membership at the 2019 AGM, since the Society was founded in September 2016.